Shogomoc Subdivision: Module Progress

It was a slow Winter and Spring on the Shogomoc Sub. Things like Christmas, work, family and a little pandemic got in the way. Now that Fall is here, work has resumed. Since my last post on module construction, I’ve made a few enhancements to make working on them easier. First was wheeled dollies. Simple frames with casters allow the modules to roll freely. A great enhancement to get at all sides without it taking up a ton of space. Space is an issue for me. 

I did some work on the top, laying out centerlines and laying cork. For the main, I used regular cork roadbed. I wanted the yard area slightly lower, and at all the same level so I used some cork sheets I got. IKEA sells cork placemats that did the job cheaply. Then it came time for some underside work. I had seen somewhere a rotating stand for module construction. Some searching revealed that has a series by Miles Hale called Back to the Basement where he builds a layout. The episode on wiring showed his stand. I’m sure many have had variations on the theme and mine is one of them. Pictures tell the story but it is all made with scrap 1/2″ plywood, some 1×4, 2×4 and a few galvanized pipe fittings. Now I can roll and rotate with ease. See pictures below and a very short video I shot on Youtube.

The basic stand. The plywood disc is offset from the 2×4 so the disk can be right up against the side of the module and accommodate the pipe flange screwed to the module.
Basic galvanized pipe flange and nipple. 1/2″ size.
Dollie frame with the stands bolted to the frame. There is a 2″ caster under each corner. Blocks of wood accommodate the module legs when not on the rotisserie.
Module clamped at an angle for easier access to the top.
Easily rotated to work on the underside, again clamped into position.


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