Shogomoc Subdivision: Modular Railroading with the Saint John Society of Model Railroaders

Canadian Pacific’s operations in New Brunswick were a mish mash of smaller railways that the CPR bought up over time. I live in Carleton County, New Brunswick very near the Maine border. The line between McAdam, NB and Aroostook, NB was known as the Shogomoc Subdivision. This line went through three communities that interest me; Canterbury, NB, Debec, NB and Woodstock, NB. I live in Canterbury, have a close association with Debec and we do most of our shopping in Woodstock.

The Saint John Society of Model Railroaders is a club that was founded in the mid 1980s. They began building modules that were two feet wide by 4 feet long. Two modules made a set so each member had 8 feet of railroad. The club built corner modules and since standards were set for the height and position of the double main line, any combination of member’s modules could be linked together. The standards have developed over time and now the modules are 30 inches wide to allow for scenic treatments at the front of the layout. Full details can be found on the club’s website;

The images below (Click for full size) detail the current standard. Instead of dimensional lumber for the frame ¾ inch birch ply is ripped into strips. Legs are also made of the same material. Spruce or fir dimensional lumber has a tendency to warp, especially 2×2 legs. A special thanks to friend and club member Lou McIntyre for his help in assembling the modules. I bought the lumber at Kent’s and had them rip the strips for me. They only charge $0.50 a cut,  it was a real time saver and I was able to get the entire 4×8 sheet into my SUV.

Click images for full size

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