Carleton Railway

When I joined the NMRA I went looking for someone else around me who was a member. I discovered Steve McMullin, President of NMRA Canada. Steve lives in Saint John, where I lived for quite a while and had a layout that depicts Carleton County, NB in the mid 60s. It is a fictional bridge line between the CPR and CNR. Steve uses familiar Carleton County locations and names to give his layout a real feel of the place. Living in Carleton County for 10 years myself, and now 10 years just over the county line in York County, I’m very familiar with the names and places on his layout.

Soon, I discovered that Steve and I share other things in common. He is also a pastor and was the pastor at Woodstock Baptist Church. I am pastor of a United church in Canterbury. When I went to school at Acadia to further my education, I discovered Steve was on the faculty of Acadia Divinity College and was the professor for my first course there. Steve is a fantastic modeler, teacher and pastor. However, the best part of Steve is his wife Rosalie. 🙂

Recently, Steve expanded his layout and held an open house to show it off. I attended and took a bunch of pictures. I am not a professional photographer and these are just shots I took with my phone so please know that the modelling is much better in person. If you’d like to know more about Steve’s modelling you can visit his blog:  or you can listen to the interview I did with him for our division’s podcast:

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