Railway Coastal Museum

In July, 2019 we visited the province of Newfoundland/Labrador. One early Sunday morning in St. John’s we went looking for Wesley United Church and found ourselves with plenty of time before service. We went to the end of the road, turned left and divine intervention graced us with the Railway Coastal Museum. They have many exhibits with lots of information on the history of the railway in Newfoundland. There is also a O Gauge 3 rail model railway setup. Below are photos that I took. The museum has a website: https://www.railwaycoastalmuseum.ca/

More information here:

Also is a small souvenir/bookshop where I picked up 3 interesting titles:

A History of the Newfoundland Railway: 100 Anniversary Edition
by A.R. Penney & Fabian Kennedy

Rails Across The Rock: A Then and Now Celebration of The Newfoundland Railway
by Kenneth G. Pieroway

Rails Around The Rock: A Then and Now Celebration of the Newfoundland Branchlines
by Kenneth G. Pieroway

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