Stock Rail filing aid

I have a number of #5 turnouts to build for my layout. I bought the Fast Tracks PointForm tool. Excellent piece of gear. I tried doing the stock rails on my own and had difficulty. I looked at the Stock Aid tool from Fast Tracks but at $75 USD it was too pricey for me. I got to thinking and thought I could make something to hold a piece of rail for filing. Here is my result.

1x3x12 piece of pine
2 ¼” Bolts
2 ¼” Wingnuts
2 ¼” Washers.

I wanted about 2 ¾” of the base filed off the stock rail. I measured and drilled two 7/32” holes spaced 3 ¼” apart, 5/16” from the edge of the piece of wood. This allows the washers to act as guides for the file. I put it close to the edge so I could file at an angle so as not to file away the head of the rail. I put a slight bend in the washers to help hold the rail but that isn’t necessary. The 7/32” hole allows the bolt to be threaded into the wood easily yet holds the bolts firmly. For a few cents I have a tool that works!



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