2018 MFMR Convention, Truro, NS

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders (MFMR) convention. The federation is an independent organization for the maritimes only. I went as an ambassador for the Eastern Canada Division (ECD) of the National Model Railroaders Association (NMRA). A fellow NMRA member came up from Staten Island, NY to give his support and provide a few banners to make our display pop. Here is a photo of that display:

ECD Display

WEB version Bill Turczyn - Bob Henry - Bob Dennis - Steve McMullin - Greg Williams ECD booth Truro Convention 2018

From left to right: Bill Turczyn (ECD Treasurer), Greg Williams (ECD President), Bob Dennis (NER Director), Steve McMullin (NMRA Canada President) and Bob Henry (ECD Secretary).

The convention was much more than just the business of the organizations. What we came for was to see and talk trains and lots of that happened. Below are some pictures of the various layouts and displays. I don’t have credit information for every one, but I’ll do my best to give credit where credit is due.

The Saint John Society of Model Railroaders is a faithful group (I’m a member now) of people who go to almost every show in the Maritimes. Here’s some highlights of their modular layout:


Part of the SJSMR’s display is Ron Grant’s Circus Modules. They are spectacular:


Also on display were theĀ Narragansett Bay Railway & Navigation Company freemo modules. The layout is O scale Narrow Gauge, running on track that is the same gauge as HO standard gauge.


There were many more displays at the convention and regrettably I didn’t get photos of most of them. On Sunday on my way home I stopped in to Tatamagouche, NS to visit David Gunn MRR #240 to see his layout. Now this is something that photos can’t capture, and that’s the hospitality and generosity shown by David and his wife, Pam. David is a true gentleman of the hobby and an exquisite craftsman. Not only is he a Master Model Railroader, but the first one to receive that designation in the British Region where he used to live.


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