Introducing CPRail’s Multimark

The July-August 1968 issue of Canadian Pacific’s employee magazine, The Spanner (Vol. 7 No. 5) sported a new look for the magazine and the company. With this issue they renumbered the Spanner as 1 Spanner with the next issue to be 2 Spanner. They also introduced the fresh look for the company, the “multimark” or what some call the Pac-Man logo. Clicking on the image below will download the complete issue. Note the picture of the diesel locomotive and how that changed to the Action Red scheme we all know so well.

One thought on “Introducing CPRail’s Multimark

  1. Thank you.  Interesting – I have an interest in how CP “developed” various schemes, how they were implemented, and how well they were implemented.

    Thanks, Bill T.

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