#NMRAContest Final Entry

As I posted previously I have entered the NMRA’s online social media contest. Each entrant was to procure and build the same kit. There were no limitations placed on what the individual could do with the kit. Following is my entry.

This is the basic kit as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The kit is Dannen Feeds from Railroad Kits (http://www.railroadkits.com/)


A few prototype pictures that were the inspiration for the build.



Build1These are the basic components of the kit. Along with these are some pieces of stripwood for trim and internal bracing.


These are the plastic doors and windows ready for primer and paint.


The basic structure with bracing and the interior painted black to prevent light leakage. Yes, we are going to light the structure.


This is the first modification. I built a 4 scale foot high foundation from strip wood and sheet basswood. Basswood is harder than balsa, with a finer grain. It glues well and takes paint beautifully.


Looking up to the roof from the bottom we see the lighting. I have used 2 SMD LEDs for lighting. I plan a 12volt source so the resistors are there to drop the current to a usable amount for the LEDs.


I also plan exterior lighting and these wires will accomplish that. Just sticking out the opening right now. According to the kit, this opening is for a loading door with a beam above. I am not modelling that on my structure so I have filled in the square hole for the beam and made the opening a little larger to take a Campbell Scale Models window.


Here are the windows and door painted with panes of “glass” added. This effect can be achieved with any thick white glue that dries clear. I have used Microscale Kristal Klear here. The window with 12 panes is the Campbell window that I added. I trimmed off the ears that are on these windows and it matches the style of the others pretty well.


Here is the foundation added. To get the concrete block effect I used a program from Evan’s Designs called Model Builder. It is printed in colour on matte photo paper.


The next modification and reason for the foundation is the addition of a loading dock. The supports are scale 6×6 and the beams are 6×10. Braces are scale 2x6s and the decking is 2x10s.


Same sized wood used for the loading dock ramp.


Here is the underside of the completed loading dock showing the bracing.


Completed dock, topside.


Attached to the foundation.


Opposite the ramp I wanted steps. I used scale 2x12s for the stringers, just as you would in real life. I printed a paper template (on the left) and used that and a brand new razor blade to cut out the steps. I had to make several until I got three that didn’t break or were otherwise unusable.


Underside of completed steps.


Top of steps.


And with a dime to provide an idea of the size of them. There are 18 individual pieces of wood in this. Railings are made from scale 2x4s.


Here I have started the loading dock roof. The front beams are 6×6 and the stringers are 2×6.


Here’s everything lit up. LEDs are mounted on short pieces of 2×6. The LEDs run very cool so no fear of heat issues.


The rafters are also 2x6s individually glued on.


On the left is a pallet that came with the kit, cast in plastic. On the right is one I scratch-built from 2x4s and 1x4s.


Pallet with a dime for scale.


The completed building with signs. I took my inspiration for the signs from prototype pictures of Sure Gain Feeds ‘n’ Needs stores in the Maritimes.


Side of building showing the steps.


Close up detail of the steps.


Rear of building.


Ramp side of building.


A shot from the bottom, showing all the loading dock and stair detail and the loading dock roof detail with LEDs lit.


A shot from below to show off the signage.


3/4 view


Finish9Close up of pallet and signs.



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