The NMRA is having a social media contest. The idea is for everyone to have the same starting point with a simple kit and bash and bang it into something you are proud of. You can of course build it as per the kit instructions as well. A well built kit is miles ahead of a poor kitbash job. Anyway, I thought this was a fun idea. You post as you build on the NMRA Facebook page.

Here’s the details:

We are introducing an NMRA first!! Its our first Social Media Kit building contest.

The rules:

1) you must use the Dannen Feeds kit from www.railroadkits.com as the base of your structure. (We have no affiliation its just an affordable kit suitable for all abilities) 
2) you can build it anyway you like, extra points for modifications and interior, lighting etc.
3) you must document the build on as many social media platforms as you can and mention the NMRA in your posts.
4) we’ll give bonus points for getting your friends and family, work colleagues to join in.
5) you must put a post on the NMRA facebook group, with your completed model, during construction and screenshots of your social media posts.
6) use the hashtag #NMRAContest in your posts.

Admins have the final say on who the winner is.

Contest closes April 1st 2018.

Have fun!! – Gordy

Here’s my go at it so far:

Basic Structure

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