DCC++ Advancements

David Cutting over at Cutting Edge Scale models announced on the DCC++ Facebook page he is picking up his integrated DCC++ project. He had previously worked on one based on a Pi HAT but this time he says it is stand alone. His project is based on his own design and runs the standard DCC++ software. Integrated onto the board is a 5A motor driver. His design also uses a standard ATX power supply which resolves the issue of sourcing out a power supply for the project. He projects boards will be in the $50 (US) range. Visit the DCC++ Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1406785379394934/ or Cutting Edge Scale Model’s webpage to see more. At the present time his webpage does not mention the new board, only the Pi HAT he had developed but I am sure you can get in contact with him and he’ll be glad to answer any questions.  http://www.cescalemodels.com/electronics/


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