Maximum Throttles on WiThrottle

A question came up during my DCC++ clinic about the number of throttles WiThrottle would support. My answer was 256 or thereabouts as that would be the number of IP addresses that a DHCP server could easily hand out. For instance to However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I couldn’t find an easy answer in the JMRI documentation so I posted to the JMRI Yahoo group. The answer I received was not what I expected. The number of connections is dependent on the WiFi device. In my case I am using the Pi as an access point. I have been unable to discover how many connections it can support. Others have reported various findings depending on what WiFi device they are using with the Pi. Numbers range from 8 to 30 with one reporting a theoretical limit of 189.

However, the key is not the number of devices but the throughput of the network with that many devices connected. From what I’ve read I would expect that a number of 20 would be workable if the Access Point can handle that many connections. I guess that limits the usefulness of JMRI WiThrottle in large clubs although the network could be expanded with the addition of more Access Points if need be. For my use, I only need one throttle at a time so it’s a non issue.

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