DCC++ Clinic Powerpoint

I was asked recently to do a clinic at the Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders annual convention in Summerside, PEI the weekend of May 26,27,28. I prepared a PowerPoint for it and much of the information is covered in other posts I have made but I thought I would make the file available for others to use.

PowerPoint File: DCC_PP


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  1. Hi i have all of the parts loaded for my N scale layout. I don’t know the Decoder type I have two Bachmann Spectrum locomotives and two Atlas locomotives all are new. i loaded and verified the DCC software on the Arduino. I connected my DEFrobot motor shield and place a locomotive on the program track. i opened the Decoder pro and tried to add my locomotives to the roster. Im not confident if i did this correctly. Is there away by opening up a serial monitor to see if I’m communicating to the program track? when i place my loco on the main it goes at constant speed and i can’t control it. i open a throttle set it to code 3 and still cant control the locomotive. I believe I’m close to getting it to work. I would be very grateful if i could get additional help.

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