Programming the Arduino for DCC++

  • Go to, click the Software tab at the top, scroll down and click on Windows Installer
  • You can download or contribute to the project and download. Make note of where you saved the installation file.
  • Open the installation file and agree to the license
    IDE Install_1
  • Leave all options checked and click Next
    IDE Install_2
  • Accept the default location or choose one of your preference and click Install
    IDE Install_3
  • When finished click Close
    IDE Install_4
  • Start the software by double clicking the Arduino icon created on your desktop.
  • Click Tools, then hover on Board: and ensure that Arduino/Genuino Uno is selected.
    IDE Configure_1
  • With the Uno connected to your computer via a USB cable, click Tools and Port and select the COM port your Arduino is connected to.
    IDE Configure_2
  • You are now ready to load the software onto the Arduino
  • Got to
  • Click on Clone or Download and then Download ZIP
  • Extract the ZIP file to a known location
  • Go to the Arduino IDE Software and Click File – Open
  • Browse to where you unzipped the Base Station files and select:
    Click Open and a new Arduino window will open with the Base Station code
  • Click Sketch and Upload
  • It will just take a moment to upload. You’re Done! The Arduino is programmed.


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